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1.SuperPATH ® Tissue-Sparing Hip Approach. SuperPATH ® is a portal assisted THA approach that accesses the capsule superiorly through the interval between the gluteus medius and piriformis without requiring the cutting of any muscles or tendons. What to expect after your SuperPATH hip replacement While the experiences of patients vary somewhat, there are a number of things that patients share in common after having a hip replacement via the SuperPATH approach. Please remember that there is someone available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have after surgery. SuperPath® Hip Replacement is a total hip technique that is being performed by a growing number of trained surgeons. With SuperPath®, there is no surgical dislocation of the hip. The key to any successful tissue-sparing approach is the avoidance of causing trauma to the soft tissue structures around the hip. SuperPath hip replacement procedure is performed by joint replacement specialist Dr Roderick Brooks in Wahroonga, Sydney, NSW. It is a new technique of performing a standard total hip arthroplasty where your surgeon uses a smaller initial incision and, more importantly, a very limited dissection in. A hip joint replacement can be accomplished through a variety of surgical procedures and techniques. The Superpath Hip Replacement is among the newest and most advanced procedures today. It’s one of the least invasive surgical options for hip joint replacements. It also provides the patient with faster recovery once the surgery is complete.

The surgical technique for a SUPERPATH ® Hip Replacement was developed as an advancement to traditional total hip replacement. The SUPERPATH ® technique is a tissue-sparing procedure which aims to get patients back on their feet within days possibly hours instead of weeks or months.

It is because of this weakness that there are restrictions after the hip surgery, such as you cannot cross your legs, you cannot sleep on your side, do not bend too much, do not rotate hip too much etc. In SuperPath® technique this tissue is not divided hence it remains normal with normal strength. Therefore, there are no restrictions after.</plaintext> Super capsular percutaneously-assisted total hip replacement, or SuperPATH®, is a recent development in the field of hip surgery. Unlike other hip replacement procedures, this surgery is designed to build the hip implant in place rather than dislocating the hip joint. SuperPATH is a very innovative development in hip replacement surgery that allows us to perform hip replacements in a manner which encourages quicker functional recovery and eliminates many of the limitations often placed on patients after hip replacement surgery. These includes the common ‘hip.</p> <p>Dr Qurashi is a Sydney trained and based Hip and Knee Surgeon with expertise in Hip Replacement surgery. He is the first SUPERPATH trained surgeon in Australia and the first surgeon to pioneer this technique in the country. SuperPaths are percutaneously-assisted total hip surgery, or SuperPath surgery, is a newer, more novel technique of performing a standard total hip arthroplasty where your surgeon utilizes a smaller initial incision and, more importantly, a very limited dissection in the deep tissues. SuperPATH hip replacement surgery allows the patient to be placed in the lateral position for surgery lying on their side. The surgical incision is to the back, outer part of the hip. The time spent in the hospital following SuperPATH hip replacement surgery is typically only one night. Over the past 5 years, SUPERPATH has emerged as the preferred technique for minimally invasive, rapid recovery hip replacement. As a leading expert in SUPERPATH, Dr. Cummings travels the country educating and teaching other surgeons this tissue sparing procedure. 23/11/2018 · I recently came to know about the Superpath method, and I am considering it learned about it here. Has anyone with bone on bone and hip dysplasia had this method done--or has been told they are a good candidate for this method. If so, what was the out come/benefits. I read no precautions with this surgery which is a selling point for me.</p> <p>Dr. Jimmy Chow, a fellowship-trained hip and knee replacement surgeon at the Hedley Orthopaedic Institute, is one of only 10 surgeons in the world — and the only surgeon in Arizona — to routinely perform the SuperPATH tissue-preserving hip replacement surgery procedure. 07/08/2019 · Hi! I had my Left Hip SuperPath on July 10th. I called it having a dead leg. The leg was just so heavy! It does get better with time. 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