Hulk Beating Loki |

Welcome back! A quick warning: This post is ALL about spoilers for Avengers Infinity War, so if you haven't seen it yet be cautioned! There is this theory going around that in Avengers Infinity War Loki was masquerading as Bruce Banner/the Hulk for at least most of the film. As we all know it appeared. Um, how did Thanos defeat Thor, Heimdall, Hulk, Valkyrie, Loki and the remaining alien gladiators before the film even started? Thanos had a single Infinity Stone, but those were all roughly Hulk/Thor-level super strong characters most of whom have additional powers.

The casket is pretty OP. But still, Heimdall could break out of the ice. It's only a matter of time for Hulk. Gungnir might stun Hulk, but ultimately Loki just has things that could stall Hulk. Unless he could mind control the Hulk, eventually Hulk will get his hands on Loki. Yes. Let's look at tales to astonish 101. Loki was able to teleport hulk across a dimension to Asgard with ease,he planned to use the hulk to destroy Asgard. Link. Loki is able to win via BFR or Transforming Hulk into something else. Also, Loki is a great Sorcerer he SHOULD be able to defeat the Hulk, if there is a scan where he is not able to defeat Hulk then is PIS, because his showings as sorcerer should be enogh to beat the crap of Hulk.

Drop the Hulk into 10th century Norway, and I guarantee you he'd be taken as a god. But all of this is building up to the answer to the question: how could Hulk overpower Loki. Easily: Hulk is physically stronger than Loki. Loki isn't all-powerful, he just thinks he is. Gamma-irradiated muscles beat out Frost Giant physiology. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Hulk Loki animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>>. This was all during Marvel's "Acts of Vengeance" crossover storyline wherein Loki and a gathering of other supervillains attacked the Avengers. That's where the Hulk comes in. Sebastian Shaw, Black King of the Hellfire Club, hired the Hulk to kill Spider-Man, in an effort to undermine what he suspects are Magneto's machinations. I do believe thing is strong enough to beat hulk some of the time but evidence shows that more often than not Hulk kicks his ass with Ben winning a few as well. Even In the comment it’s stated how he FINALLY was able to beat the Hulk in a 1v1 and was made as if it was a big accomplishment for him that he’s never been able to do so before. The funniest scene I think was when Hulk beat the living daylights out of Loki, and I often wonder what could've possibly gone through Banner's mind when that happened. Here is my take on what might have happened in that scene and I have Black Widow have a small moment of revenge against Loki. Enjoy!

04/05/2012 · What does the Hulk say after he beats the hell out of Loki? In the new Avengers movie. The theater was laughing too hard for me to understand what he said. Answer Save. 16 Answers. Loki: [Hulk and Loki fighting. Everything stops] I am a God! I am not going to be bullied by a.

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