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05/06/2018 · I have a 1943 that looks clad with steel and copper is that even possible, it weighs 2.9 as even my copper coated 1943 is 2.7 319kevink, Jul 27, 2017 17Quote Reply. Muneer New Member. 1943 United States one cent value. What is a 1943 US penny worth? steel, San Francisco mint variety Value, specifications, and images for the 1943 Lincoln wheat one. It's mirror-like fields, and steel blue toning gives this Proof coin an exceedingly stunning eye appeal. Advanced quarter collectors will need to pay well over half a million dollars the next time this coin comes to auction if they want to add it to their collection. Steel pennies were minted in 1943 because of Word War II. Copper was needed for the war effort, so production on copper pennies was halted. The U.S. Mint created the copper penny with a zinc-coated steel replacement that is an interesting coin but not rare for numismatists. << 1943 steel penny.no mintmark help i am an average joe-----i have a 1943 steel penny with no scratches.i dont collect coins but i came across it in a lincoln memorial penny collection book. the funny thing is that of all the internet pictures i have seen of these.

From picking out the perfect coin to answering the questions you have, we have a team of highly trained members ready to help. Our team is here for you. Subtle Toning and 1943 Dime Value A positive reaction to the pleasing light pastel reds and blue toning was in the final price of this rare 1943 Mercury dime. Bidding at a David Lawrence Rare Coin Auction ended at $297.85 a very strong price. Looking below the toning to the surface of the coin it is free of any blemishes, nicks or bruises.

In 1943, at the peak of World War II, zinc-coated steel cents were made for a short time because of war demands for copper. A few copper cents from 1943 were produced from 1942 planchets remaining in the bins. Similarly, some 1944 steel cents have been confirmed. 25/08/2014 · 4. 1943 steel penny Value: 45 cents - $10. Pennies were made from steel in 1943 only. Pennies were made from steel during wartime, for the same reasons nickels were made partially from silver — steel pennies helped preserve copper for World War II. However, the switch only lasted one year. 5. Ben Franklin half-dollar Value: $12 - $125. Die Gedenkmünzenserie 50 State Quarters wurde ab 1999 von der US-amerikanischen Münzprägeanstalt United States Mint herausgegeben. Bis Ende 2008 wurden alle 50 US-Bundesstaaten auf der Bildseite der 25-Cent-Münze mit einem individuellen Design geehrt. Well, lots of 1943 steel wheat pennies still survive — and that means there are plenty to go around to satisfy the needs of coin collectors. Here’s the current 1943 steel wheat penny value: Most 1943 steel pennies that you’ll find in circulation are pretty well worn and many that are worn exhibit rust. These are worth 5 cents to 10 cents.

1943 D Washington Quarter: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. Buy & Sell This Coin. This page also shows coins listed for sale so you can buy and sell.1943 Washington Quarter: Minting information, specifications, characteristics, current melt value, and past sales prices. Issued by the U.S. Mint in 1943.wheat penny 1943,1943-D,1943-S UNC LINCOLN STEEL CENT 1943S,1943D GEM BU SET 5 4.5 out of 5 stars 42 product ratings 42 product ratings - wheat penny 1943,1943-D,1943-S UNC LINCOLN STEEL CENT 1943S,1943D GEM BU SET 5.

Thus, 1943 Lincoln cents were struck with a steel core which was coated with a thin plating of zinc. Zinc, by the way, is currently used in the core of all Lincoln cents struck since 1982. These steel pennies have a weight of 2.70 grams, as opposed to 3.11 grams for typical copper pennies. Commemorative nickels. Although not strictly a commemorative, the "Victory nickel", struck from 1943 to 1945, was the first non-standard circulating Canadian coin other than commemorative dollars; the reverse features a flaming torch and a large V that stands for both Victory and the coin's denomination. Reviews 1943 Quarter Melt Value is best in online store. I will call in short name as 1943 Quarter Melt Value For many who are seeking 1943 Quarter Melt Value review. We have additional information about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. 22/02/2009 · 1943 Steel DOUBLE DIE OBVERSE. Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by stella, Feb 22, 2009. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > stella The Myth. But the 1943 is the only STEEL DDO, and there are only two graded by pcgs. I GOT ONE, let me know if you guys want a picture uploaded. 07/12/2019 · Very nice! I like the steel cents a lot! They tell a real story about the situation in America at that time. My dad was born in 1943 and I bought him a full set of the 1943's for his birthday one year. It only cost me a few bucks, but it is one of his favorite items and he displays it in his office.

1943 S Lincoln Wheat Cent Bronze/Copper: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. Buy & Sell This Coin. This page also shows coins listed for sale so you can buy and sell. Get the best deals on 1943 Steel Lincoln Wheat US Small Cents when you shop the largest online selection at. Free shipping on many items Browse your favorite brands. Buffalo Nickels,Silver Dimes,Quarter. $8.50. 6 bids. $3.95 shipping. Ending Jan 5 at 9:35PM PST 5d. Watch. Matt, thanks for the comment. Old pennies can very in color ranges, depending on the outside elements. 1926 wheat pennies should be all copper. Steel pennies were only made in 1943, they have a silver looking coat. As for 1926, none were made. It is rare but perhaps you have a one-of-a-kind. The Silver Eagle Coin Company is pleased to offer 5-coin US Mint sets dated 1943. The following coins are included: a 1943 Lincoln steel war cent a one-year-only issue, a 1943 Jefferson silver war nickel, a 1943 Mercury silver dime, a 1943 Washington silver quarter and a 1943 Walking Liberty silver half dollar.

The Top 15 Most Valuable Quarters.

12/11/2010 · i recently received a 1943 canadian quarter and was wondering how much it is worth. you can see the pictures on it fairly well. 30/07/2018 · It is curious that 1943 copper and 1944 steel cents are extremely valuable. At all three U.S. Mints then in operation, almost five hundred million steel cents were minted in 1943 and more than two billion copper Lincoln cents in 1944.

The 1943 edition does have some historical significance, in addition to its silver content, and therefore may be more valuable than similar coins in other mint years. Pricing the 1943 Jefferson Nickel. When trying to determine a price range for the 1943 Jefferson Nickel, you must first ascertain the coin type. 1943 Copper Penny: At the beginning of 1943, some copper material was left in a coin press, and was subsequently used to make pennies before the switch was made to steel. 1943 copper pennies, then, were the only copper pennies known to have been minted in a year where all other pennies were made of steel.

10/01/2019 · Don Lutes Jr. kept the 1943 copper penny he stumbled upon in his high school cafeteria seven decades ago in a safe behind a wall in his Massachusetts home. All US pennies were supposed to be made of zinc-coated steel that year to conserve the. 1943-D STEEL WHEAT PENNY Numismatic Oddities: The ONE and ONLY coin in the history of U.S. Currency capable of being lifted with a magnet was the 1943 steel penny, sometimes called "the Steelie". In an effort to save copper for war production, the 1943 mint run used a steel penny with a zinc covering. This proved to be wildly unpopular with the. 01/04/2018 · To conserve copper for the war effort, the country decided to strike all new pennies on stainless steel. Steel pennies are a rarity in their own right — more on that later — but copper pennies from 1943 are such a unique find that they could be worth as much as $85,000 under the right circumstances. Scroll through to learn more. Do you have valuable coins? Do you know what your coin's worth? See U.S. coin prices, with values for the most common dates of all U.S. coins.

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